About the Centre

The Centre for Avant-garde Studies is an international framework for scholarly research on different aspects of the aesthetic avant-garde from the early 20th century up to the present day. The field of avant-garde studies has been growing rapidly in recent years and has attracted numerous scholars from different disciplines. The research field has come to play an important role in generating new approaches to the emergence and evolvement of modern art and literature. As more recent scholarship has shown, an important characteristic of the avant-garde is the transnational and transaesthetic scope of its activities, which calls for extensive international and interdisciplinary research. The centre aims at enhancing individual and scholarly work dealing with manifestations of the avant-garde in all artistic media as well as its cultural, social and ideological implications. The centre is open for scholars from all disciplines who are engaged in exploring the avant-garde and its cultural activities. The research activities are meant to cover five different areas, which are described below. The centre brings together a number of experienced and esteemed specialists and aims at attracting new ones, as well as generating international collaboration and providing a fruitful working environment for PhD students.

Main Aims

a) Research – collaboration, conferences, grant applications
b) Teaching – facilitating teachers’ exchanges, seminars, doctoral programmes
c) Publishing and Exhibitions